Let’s become acquainted

Hello, I’m Giedrius Čepaitis, the founder of the art workshop “GR Art”.
Six years ago (in 2016), my wife and I opened a café. We tried to create an unusual interior by integrating old things, our daughter’s ceramic works, and some elements from the old wood. We were looking for some coffee grinders, kettles, and scales from interwar or postwar times, and, of course, we were interested in how we could turn some moldered oak wood, which has seen a few generations lives, into some cozy interior details. And we made it! Our clients showered us with compliments and encouraged us to create something more beautiful. I didn’t even feel how I believed that I could please myself and others by making to talk the old wood... Step-by-step, our experiment turned into a handicraft where part of the person who touched the wood's heart remains in there!

Our creations

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f you are interested in my thoughts and ideas, if you like my works, and you like to feel the scent of wood remembering our ancestors’ times, now the secret of blacksmithing works, I invite you to buy the things you like and decorate the interior of your house, or flat/apartment.

Call me, and we can arrange how I can help you make your dreams come true.

E. mail: grartgrart@gmail.com
Tel. nr. +37068479505